Posted by: drizl | February 5, 2010

Dear Agent…

It’s another fanfic day. I know everyone(well the four people who read this blog) are probably sick of hearing about my fanfic, but I just posted another chapter of Game On Baby this morning and the hits are going nuts. Last time I check I was standing at 464 hits and in my world it’s only noon.  Just a little friendly reminder…this fiction is rated M for Mature for a reason. Hawt Lemons and Nasty language.

Dear Agent…check out my fanfiction stories. See people do enjoy my writing. You should read my original stories. Just saying…

If only it were that easy. Besides the fanfiction fun, I’m trying to decide if I should enter my story into another contest. This one requires a one page synopsis. The two page one almost killed me. I can’t imagine cramming an entire novel into one page. I have a few more days before the deadline but I probably should decide today.

I also had a weird dream the other night. I turned my story into a screen play. That’s the only part of the dream I remember. Don’t know if I pitched the story, don’t know if it sold, maybe it was turned into a movie and won an academy award. BAHAHA!  Jeesh, I don’t even know how to write a screen play. Although I do have a book…but I’ve never read it. I already have too many pots on the stove right now. Actually, I may have tripped on some of them. I’m beginning to pile them on the floor. Too much going on. I should concentrate on a few things instead of trying to do everything. Speaking of doing too many thing at once, I just glanced down and I have 6 windows open. I’m doomed.

I’m going to go think about that contest for a few minutes and eat some chocolate. Chocolate helps me think.


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