Posted by: drizl | February 7, 2010

One eye on Football the other eye on Writing

Whoa! Wow! WTF! I’m gonna talk about fanfic again. On Friday I posted a new chappie for Game On Baby and I got…get this…over one thousand hits that day. I almost fainted. Once again…Dear Agent…Read my f*cking orginal works!

I’m crawling out of the fanfic cave and heading over to my YA story. Trying to decide if I should rewrite it in third person. Right now the way the book is set up is a little strange. The lead female character tells her story and then the chappie is retold from the male character’s point of view. I could leave it the way it is, make them two seperate books or rewrite in the third person. Gah. Maybe I need a mentor. Someone swoop down and tell me what to do. Damn!

Besides looking over my old work I really want to go back and work on the third installment in A Jump Through Time. Of course, I should finish the rewrite on the second book. It’s almost complete but I’ve been so discouraged with the lack of yes’s from agents. I know I need to finish the story because not completing the story would drive me crazy. I need to know exactly how it ends up and the only way to do that is for me to finish the books. I have an idea of the ending but right now I’m torn between how it will end for the two doods in the story. I may need to write two different endings. There just isn’t enough time in every day. Gah. Real life boring things always seem to get in the way. Pfftt…I’d like a break from real life for about two weeks where I can just write and Be.

Since I’m not personally divested in the Super Bowl today (Stupid Vikings) I’ll probably have one eye on the tv and the other eye working on my writing.


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