Posted by: drizl | February 20, 2010

The Ten Minute Pitch

It’s a depressing gray day out which seems to be fueling my mood. Blah. I’ve been trying to write all morning but everything comes out all angsty and creepy sad. Snap out of it baby. Turn off the mellow bullsh*t music and amp it up. (Rolls eyes and pulls covers up over head)

Okay, I’ve spent the last ten minutes rereading that first paragraph trying to figure out where to take this blog today. Take it out to the trash, my subconscious yells. Too much work I shout back. Instead I’ll just sit here and ramble on about absolutely nothing.

I looked at the calendar today and all of a sudden the DFW writers conference in April doesn’t seem so far away. OMG, will I survive it? Like I said in a past blog, I’m really struggling with developing a ten minute pitch for a story that keeps getting turned away by agent after agent. Do I try to pitch a different story? Do I write several ten minute pitches for different stories and then pull one out of a hat? What the f*ck is a ten minute pitch? I’m assuming it’s about as wonderful as writing a one page synopsis except this is done face to face. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. What’s gonna happen when I am actually seated across from an agent? My subconscious is f*cking laughing at me telling me in between spasms that I’ll probably freak out and do something stupid like sit and stare or bolt out of the room before I say anything. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m actually cut out for all this shit. Rejection sucks.

Oh, and when I looked at the calendar today…it struck me…it’s been a year since I read the Twilight saga and all this shit started. A whole year and I don’t know if I’m in a better place or not. My first reaction is to say nothing has changed. I’m still stuck in a dumb ass life with the only difference is that I’ve written some stories and been told NO so many times I have a sore nose from getting the door slammed in my face. Groan. Hevay sigh. Uh, sadpandaface. Feeling sorry for myself and all the other authors who are suffering the same fate I have been dealing with.

That’s it! I can’t think about this garbage any more today. Je ne regrette rien and I’m out of here!


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