Posted by: drizl | February 25, 2010

Hello….waiting here? I don’t think anyone is listening…

I looked over my last few posts and noticed a recurring theme. I have been complaining, whining and moaning a lot. I think I need to quit that. It does get rather annoying. And who wants to read depressing whiny ass things every day. I don’t have things that bad. I’m just not a very patient person and sometimes don’t you just wish you had a little fairy whispering in your ear that all the stuff you are doing is worth all your time and effort because eventually your day will come and you will reap all the rewards. Pant Pant. That was a really long sentence. So, I’m going to try and adopt a new attitude for my writing career and my life. I’m going jump start my imagination again. It needs a little kick in the pants to get going. I figure that even if a few people read and enjoy my writing, I must be doing something right and if I keep plugging away I may just catch a break. Guess I would never know if I didn’t try. Right? Well, hell yeah it’s right!  

So, I’m putting myself out there. It’s time to send the writing out again. There has to be someone out there who would be willing to take a chance on a new author who has tons of cool stories hiding up her sleeve. I’ve already started pumping my first story up so it will meet the 90,000 word minimum. It shouldn’t be that hard bedcause it’s almost at 87,000. I’m so optimistic I may barf. BAHAHAHAHA!

Good things will come…

Tapping foot….okay yeah, I’m still not very patient…bring on the good things…hello, waiting here…


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