Posted by: drizl | March 13, 2010

Another REwrite

Sweet craptastic shizz! I have decided to do another rewrite on the jumper story. I must be f*cking nuts, especially since I’m supposed to be pitching this story in a few weeks at a writer’s conference. But the more I thought about things, the more unhappy I was with the draft I’m looking at now. I was getting better feedback with the first manuscript. I changed it because that asswipe editor told me the book didn’t fit into his world of young adult novels. I f*cking caved. I remember the reaction of one of the first people to ever read the story and this person wasn’t even a friend, so he had no ties to me whatsoever. Thinking about it makes we want to cry. He said, in short, we will be able to say we knew her when…and then I compromised my story and my writing because some jackass told me it was wrong. Oh my God, I told myself one year ago that I wouldn’t do that crap anymore. No more settling! And then I did and now I’m stuck with another rewrite,  but this time I’m going to get it right (or write) however you want to say it.

I have less than a month to accomplish this feat. Plus I need to write a pitch and get all fired up about the story again. I remember when I first wrote the thing. I loved it, but now not so much. I still love the basic story idea just not how I changed it. I’m such an idiot, but I’m not doing it anymore. Not for anyone! I’m sticking by my guns, writing how and what I like and moving forward. If people don’t like it f*ck them. There have to be some who will enjoy it. I should know because my fanfiction stories are taking off. Two days ago I updated Game on Baby and got over 1800 hits in two days. I also had more people signing up for updates and adding the story to their favorites list. AND the fanfiction stories are totally mine. No one tells me what to write, that I should change this and that or that something is wrong. It’s all me. All my own writing. I am in charge and I like it that way. That isn’t saying I wouldn’t do some compromises with my writing, it’s just saying if I don’t agree I’m not f*cking changing, because then it isn’t mine anymore. If I wanted to sell other people’s writing I guess I would become an agent. Pffttt!


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