Posted by: drizl | March 16, 2010

Climbing out of the Box & Crushing It

I’m supposed to be taking an online writing class today. Unfortuantely, I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do. Right now I’m waiting for something to pop up in my email? Sometimes technology drives me insane! The class is part of the DFW writer’s conference so it was included as part of our fee for attending the conference. Still I would like to know what the hell I’m supposed to do? Story of my f*cking life. I’m sure there are directions I’m supposed to be reading, but yeah, I’m not much for reading directions. GAH, I’m an idiot.

Been hiding in the fanfiction cave again. I’m thinking I desperately need to come out and work on the Jumper story. My own characters. I think it would be cool to have people creating fanfiction around characters I create. Anyway, I have my writer’s group this weekend and I haven’t even worked on my ten minute presentation. Once again I find myself searching for those magical words to open the story. The more I look at the story, the more I want to combine the two different openings. Since I’m doing another fucking rewrite I want to combine the best from both stories, but I’m reinstating some of my original writing. I am not going to make my writing fit in a predescribed box. I can’t do it. I obviously do not fit in this box so why should my writing. It ‘s not a good thing for me or for people who read my stuff. It has to be mine. All mine. There has to be someone out there in the professional world who likes the way I write and construct a story.

I think there’s some good advice in that paragraph for all writers. It’s been said a million times, but if you aren’t true to yourself is it really worth it and is it really yours? Only I can see my vision for the stories. Only I can tell it the way it was meant to be told. I want to have people fall in love with the characters. I want them to know my characters, to know their story and to want to read their story from start to finish. Isn’t this what every writer wants?

As for the box I’ve been trying to cram myself into…I’m fucking crushing it!



  1. Good for you, change it only to correct mistakes and improve on your original idea. Stop trying to make it fit someone elses formula for sucess. if you stay true to your passion others will feel the true you have for your chacters and storyline.

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