Posted by: drizl | March 18, 2010

The Road to being Published (it’s gravel & muddy)

I’m currently taking an online course on how to secure an agent. I guess it’s interesting and hopefully, in the long run, will be helpful, however…and this is a big however to me. I was hoping this person was going to be like me. When I say that I mean someone who wrote a book and then started the journey to get it published. It turns out this person had an in, a mentor in the publishing world. The first writer’s conference she attended her mentor took her around and introduced her to different agents. Granted she still had to pitch the book by herself, but dammit she had an in. I want to know how someone like me who knows nothing about the publishing industry gets an agent or a book published.

Sooo, I’ve decided to keep a more detailed journal and if (I know I should say when) I get published I’m going to write a self-help book on finding an agent or a publisher. I don’t have an in. I have to do everything myself and it’s not always the right thing to do. Even though nothing has happened for me yet, I’ve learned a lot of stuff. One interesting tidbit and a little unnerving is that when you e-query someone and cut and paste your word document into the body of your email, somehow it gets f*cked up and as far as I know there is nothing you can do about it. I recently received a nice No from an agent. I happened to glance at my first page of text and Holy f*ck all the quotes were now question marks. WTF. You would think with all these sophisticated virus’s out there someone could fix that annoying problem. I mean you never know how your cut and pasted word doc. is going to look. It’s different everytime. Jeez!

Besides this Blog I do keep a written journal, but I’m going to start keeping a more detailed journal of my day to day activities that involve writing and getting my book published. Maybe one day this blog will be offering advice to authors just starting on the road to getting published. Remember it’s a f*cking gravel road. Sometimes it’s muddy, sometimes you will spend days stuck in the ditch and sometimes you should just pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the day.



  1. I love writing and reading books. I love the notion that people can make things up in their mind and then make them real on a page, for the pleasure or utility of someone else. One of my favorite mentor on learning how to write a book is Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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