Posted by: drizl | March 22, 2010

Homework:the one minute pitch

I was up late last night finishing up some homework we were given for the online class I’m taking. I haven’t heard anything back from anyone yet. Of course, that means paranoia and bad thoughts are making themselves at home in my head. Maybe the one minute pitch was so bad they don’t even know what to reply to me. Maybe it’s the concept of the story itself. Well that would totally suck. For now, I’m going to stick with you posted your stuff late last night and it’s still early in the morning. Yeah sure. I do know that shit was hard to write. Condensing your story into a couple of sentences that make sense is difficult. You’re trying to cram as many words into one sentence that it starts to sound like one long run-on paragraph. This writing shit has so much to do with luck, being at the right place at the right time and having the right mojo. So far I’ve either been late, at the wrong place or presenting the wrong material. I need some good luck. Good Mojo. Good something.

So let’s write about the good things which means we head back into my fanfiction cave. I’m having cable put in, so I never have to leave the space. Game on Baby is taking off. The posting of Chapter 10 brought 1.29k hits to my stories and when I was lurking on twitter the story came up in casual conversation. It was also pimped on a blog by more than one person. People are reading my stuff. Doing happy dance. People are commenting and saying incredibly nice things. Swoon, THUD!

I completed Chapter 11 but I’m not posting it until Friday. I need to go back to I Remember You and get a chapter or two done on that story and in between all that I need to get fired up about my original works which means working on the rewrite for Into the Hourglass. I’m changing the name from A Jump Through Time. I never was sold on that title. This is actually the first story where the title didn’t come before the story concept or at least, right along with the story idea.


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