Posted by: drizl | March 24, 2010

Warning Crabby Writer

Yep I’m f*cking crabby and I think I have a right to be grumpy. I’m taking this online writing course which I initially thought was for the paying participants of a writer’s conference I’m attending. It is not. It’s open to anyone. Slightly miffed over that whole thing. I finally figured out the yahoo chat group thing and post my home work and you got it, I get no response. Nothing, Nada, Zippo…whatever…getting a little more grumpy. Now here’s the cherry…there are people who are composing their taglines, one minute pitches and book jackets when they do NOT, yep do NOT have a f*cking completed manuscript. WTF. That has gotta be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Who in their right mind writes a pitch when they don’t have a completed novel. Give me a f*cking break. That’s like rule number one…if you don’t have a completed manuscript, you don’t start pitching agents, publishers, editors, whoever…Can you say frustrated…as f*cking usual. I try to play by the rules but everyone else ignores them. *&^)(*&*%$. I should have just written a string of obscenities.

So we’re back to the following the Rules again. Follow the rules, ignore the rules or just say f*ck the rules and do your own thing. I’m leaning toward fucking the rules and doing my own thing. I know let’s just burn the rules. I’m tired of them anyway. Every time I think I’m following them, someone changes the rules and gets praised for it.  If you follow the rules is it your success or someone else’s idea of success? Crap, now I’m getting a headache from overprocessing all this bullshit. Last night I received notice for who I will be meeting with at the Writer’s Conference. So, now I know and I’ve read so much shit on ten minute pitches and every one has a different opinion on how to do it. I think the one common thread that runs through a lot of the advice is keep it conversational. Shit, small talk. I think I need to go hang out at a bar or various other social situations and practice talking to people I don’t know without feeling like an idiot. God Help Me!


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