Posted by: drizl | March 26, 2010

FanFiction Friday

It’s FanFiction Friday, baby! Ah yes, the day I try to update the stories I’m writing and you got it, Game on Baby has updated. Chapter 11 is up and poor Edward is still in trouble. Strange as it may seem, I even laughed out loud when I was writing this chapter. I have a serious problem. HAHAHA. Kinda creepy, eh. As always for anyone who doesn’t know what fanfiction is this is your warning that if you click on my link, you will be treated to or appalled by nasty language and naughty lemons so if your constitution is not ready for such things don’t click on the f*cking link. Consider yourself warned!

I swear I don’t know why I’m in such a good mood?! Could it possibly be that when I post a chapter the hits on my fanfic home page go crazy. It’s a trip to read the comments, see people add their name so they get the story alerts when it updates or add the story to their list of favorites. Christ, it’s almost as good as getting paid to write. If that ever happens I promise to do a comparison blog. Money or hits. A mixture of both would be f*cking awesome. Or having other people write fanfic about your characters. I know some authors don’t like it, but hell, I think it’s a huge compliment because it means people like/love your characters. Coooool. One has to have dreams and aspirations right!?

So, the sun is out and I need to get a workout in. Lucky me. It’s not that bad, I have a new running mix on my Ipod with kickass songs by Lady GaGa I love the Show me Your Teeth song (iwonderwhy *vampire* coughcough) What else is on there… Adam Lambert pumps me up, add in a little Nickelback This Afternoon, Ke$ha and Cascada and I can rip up the treadmill and so I’m off.

Click on the link…if you dare


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