Posted by: drizl | March 30, 2010

Wanted: Stunt Double for Book Pitch

WooHoo I ran outside for the first time since well, fall, and OMG it f*cking hurt! Running on a treadmill is much different than actually running in the elements. So, besides the nice weather, there’s good news on the writing front. Don’t get too excited it’s not that good. I reposted my tag line/book pitch and finally got a response from an author. She was very helpful and with her suggestions I think I will have a pretty good pitch ready for the conference. Now if I could send in a stunt double to do the actual pitch.

On the bad news front, I received another rejection from an agency. I don’t even remember sending them a query. They did include the title of the book in the rejection email so at least they looked at it long enough to discover the title of the book. (psst, it’s been changed) Your project is not the right fit for us at this time…BECAUSE WHY? I know everyone is busy, busy, busy and no one has time for the small stuff any more, but a struggling brand new author would really like to know the answer to that question. Is it because the writing sucks, the story is bad, um maybe I don’t want to know the answer. I’m hoping to find some answers at the writer’s conference in April. And we are back to the stunt double. Please send someone else in…someone cheerful and outgoing who can talk to anyone.  This socializing with unknown people is so far away from my comfort zone that just thinking about it makes my head hurt. I’ll be in the back of the room brooding in the shadows. BWAHAHAHA



  1. Hi once again. Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for the link. I thought this might be a genre-specific conference, but it looks like all writers are welcome. Good luck with your pitch!

  2. Hi again. Which organization is sponsoring the conference? I’d like to look it up. Thanks so much. Cheri

  3. What conference will you be attending in April?


    • I’ll be attending the Dallas Fort Worth conference the 2nd week in April Should be interesting especially with the pitch scheduled right at the beginning of the conference.

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