Posted by: drizl | April 1, 2010

Chatting About Young Adult Lit on Twitter

I participated in the young adult lit chat on Twitter last night. Things move at break neck speed, but I picked up some really useful information. Apparently St. Martin’s Press is starting a line of books featuring characters who are 19, 20 and 21 years old. I will be doing more research on that in the coming days. I really believe there is a place for books that feature true young adults and I’m not just saying that beacause my novel features a nineteen year old main character. Well okay, maybe I am, but not everyone wants to read about a seventeen year old which seems to be the prime number for young adult. Sometimes people want more than a first kiss or a fade to black scene.Ya know more description. *wink wink* Plus the early twenties are a crazy time for a lot of people. Much more interesting than freaking high school. At least in my world it was. I’d like to see more books that feature college as the back drop…And ~Roll the informercial ~ I’m just the person to bring that to you. People I have some hot paranormal romance books just waiting to be snapped up…Sorry, my inner salesperson took over. I have been trying to channel my outgoing “hey, pleased to fucking meet you” person in anticipation for the upcoming writer’s conference I’ll be attending. I know I fucking suck, but practice makes perfect right?  

I think now is the perfect time to push books like that…Most of the kids who grew up with Harry Potter are in their early twenties. Same with the Twi tweens. We have an audience who know what a good book can do. Let’s keep them reading. Let’s make them readers for life.

And speaking of stories that DO NOT feature scenes that fade to black. Chapter 12 of I Remember You is up on fanfiction. Again remember this is a rated M for Mature story. Nasty Language, hot lemons and absolutely no fade to black ever! Consider yourself warned.


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