Posted by: drizl | April 5, 2010

Writer’s Conference Countdown

I am in the count down to the DFW Writers Conference. The nerves are hitting a new level of activity. Thursday, omg Thursday! I’m going to Dallas on Thursday…all by myself…F*CK! (Well, okay, a friend is coming on Friday to attend the conference with me) Yes, it’s time to get the big girl panties out and pretend I’m a professional. Hehehe professional, yeah right.

I still haven’t perfected my pitch, but I did finish my business cards.  I made them me, with a little bit of humor. Not really sure what I’ll do with them, but guess it won’t hurt to have a few cards with me…just in case. *rolls eyes* I have made a promise to myself to be outgoing, but not an idiot or annoying. I’m not going to be part of the wall. I wrote a whole book and dammit that’s something to be proud of! Good Grief, I’m losing my shit.

There’s gonna be three hundred authors at this conference. It would be awesome if something great came out of this excursion, but I’m really trying to keep my emotions in check. This is the first REAL conference for me so I’m hoping to make a few connections and learn how this business works. Even though I firmly believe the publishing business is seriously f*cked up ( but that’s a whole other blog) Who am I kidding, I want something great to come out of this conference. A girl can dream. If I wasn’t a dreamer I wouldn’t be doing this writing stuff.

For the next few days, I will be running around, freaking out and not accomplishing much. I need to practice some calm yourself, deep breathing exercises. Sigh…

Dreams become reality one choice at a time…


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