Posted by: drizl | April 16, 2010

It’s the Sex Question…AGAIN

Well hell, here I am again with another dilemma or is it just a different version of the original dilemma. This f*cking young adult/new adult/adult story is going to be the death of me. So, I’m editing the thing for about the eight hundredth time and I start thinking about the sex scenes wondering again how far I dare push them. Which of course leads me back to ohmygod maybe I should tone them down. Maybe they should be fade to black, inuendos or just shut the damn door. This second guessing is for the birds! Hell, I don’t know. I know I’m second guessing, third guessing myself again. Sometimes this writing shit really sucks. Wait. It’s not the writing shit that sucks, it’s trying to write what someone else wants. But if I’m totally true to myself will this story ever get picked up by a publisher. I could always tone the scenes down a smidge and then write the totally hot scenes on fanfiction…OMG that would be hysterical to have the REAL author of a book writing fanfic to fill in the fade to black scenes. Gawd that would be really hawt. You could say something like this is what the characters were really doing when they slammed the door in your face.

There were a lot of authors on twitter the other night participating in #yalitchat I decided to ask the sex question. How do you know how far to push it. One of the answers almost made my head explode. “It’s just common sense.” I swear to God I wanted hit my computer screen. Common sense. Nothing about the publishing industry is common sense. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean think about it…there’s Twilight…full of agnst and want until they get married…but the door pretty much gets slammed in our face. Next book I read is the House of Night Series…we are not in Twilight anymore…early on there’s a girl trying to go down on a guy in the hallway of the school. There’s a hell of a lot of sexin’ going on.  Move on to Vampire Academy…lead character does it with her mentor and it’s fairly descriptive. Read Hush Hush…nothing…a kiss…blarg…

All those books are YA. Don’t tell me it’s common sense. I want to know how much heat I can put in the book.

Oh and for those of you who do NOT want a filter on your smexing scenes…New chapter of Game on Baby is up. I promise you with this story you will never get the door slammed in your face or have to imagine the inuendos…it’s all laid out on the page. teehee. So, don’t read if you don’t like the naughty lemons and nasty language. For those who don’t know, this is a story based on the characters from the Twilight series, but my Edward and Bella are really different from S. Meyer’s.



  1. Honestly, the whole sex discussion is a difficult one. Even I’m slightly worried about what to do with my own stories. Although, I will be posting a really hot male slash fanfiction in the future. Probably a vampire academy one of some sorts 🙂

    That was actually how I found this post LOL. I was searching for Vampire Academy fanfictions, and this blog came up. The topic caught my eye LOL. I am planning on starting a House of Night/Vampire Academy cross over. It’ll be interesting that I can assure you, especially since I have yet to find anyone do this particular pairing before ^_^

    • OMG That’s so cool that you write fanfic too. I’ve never tried a crossover fic and I’ve read slash but never written it. For me fanfic started out as an experiment to see if I could write smut and as a little release from all the no’s from agents. grumble…

  2. Coming from a lover of books, if you think it helps the story be as graphic as possible but for me, the only time i would expect a graphic sex scene is one of those lame romance novels. You can be descriptive but don’t become THOSE type of novels unless that’s your aim.

    • Thanks I totally get what you’re saying. My book doesn’t “fit” into the romance category…no happy ever after. All these so called guidelines drive me nuts!

  3. Even as a blogger, the audience changes as you move the sex thermostat up and down. Perennial problem.

    • I know! It’s hard not to offend anyone, but no matter what you do…no sex to inbetween to so graphic it melts the page…someone is not going to like it. Sigh…I guess you have to stay true to your story and how you want to write it.

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