Posted by: drizl | April 19, 2010

Dirty Girl Name

This past weekend I had my writer’s group and I’m lucky enough to have a published author in our group. We talked about a lot of things but one of the topics we touched on was pen names. It was decided I need a pen name to separate my dirty writing from my young adult stuff. It’s hard enough knowing who I am, now the dirty girl in me has to find her own identity. Groan. I suppose that also means I’m going to need separate website identities. I may go insane. But realistically I know it’s the right thing to do. Most parents would probably freak out if they knew the author who wrote this young adult book their kid is reading also liked to write stuff that’s not so well ya know  nice. Of course, some of the parents may go sneak a peek at the other stuff, but really most parents are hypocrites. Don’t do this even though I do it. Shizz, we all do that crap. We can dole out wonderful advice, but we don’t always follow it.

Soooo, now I need to find a name my dirty girl can embrace. I may take a glance at my name list. I keep a list of names for potential characters. Whenever I hear or see a name I like add it to my list. Speaking of dirty girl land, I posted a chapter for Game on Baby on Friday and it went over 1500 hits that day. The story is over 16,000 hits and I haven’t really pimped it out. I’m a terrible pimp for my work. I need to get over that problem and learn to shout about my stuff. I need to stand out. I never realized how important that was until I went to that writer’s conference. I’m competing against a lot of talented writers (and some who aren’t so talented) but we all want the same thing…to be published. I want the agent. I want the editor. I want the publisher. I want to see my book on the shelf preferably on the end cap or at last face out. Yes, I have big dreams but so do a lot of other people, so standing out and grabbing attention is a good thing. Someone needs to notice me and realize that I have a little talent. I think I got way off topic again. This column was supposed to be about getting a new name. It’s turning in to finding a new name along with a new personality. Stepping way outside my region of comfort and talking about the writing and the stories to everyone. Maybe a new name will be good for the dirty girl and the scared girl who would rather hide in the back of the room than talk about her writing.

Laters peeps, gonna go out to the store and find me a purple pimp hat with a red feather.



  1. So I got the copy of Laurie’s notes. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m still revising before I send my MS to Mary.

    Are you still working on your synopsis? I decided to save you some time, so today’s post is for you!!!


    I know it’s stupid, but tell me what you think…ahahaha

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