Posted by: drizl | April 29, 2010

Hello, I’m now a MAC

Holy Cripes ~ Nothing like starting the day off with a heart attack. Checked my email this gray morning and there was a message from an agent I had sent a query to…it turned out to be one of those hey, I received your query now you get to wait some more for my yes or no…anyway, for some reason just seeing the email sitting there unopened made me physically sick. I can’t believe a stupid unopened email can elicit such a strong response from me. I’m losing my mind or maybe a little stressed out. Could it be because I’m going back to Mac so I’m in the process of relearning how to use a MAC and trying to transfer everything over to my new IMAC and new laptop. Screw these PC’s. Screw the jumping around cursor that drives me nuts. Who can handle typing when the cursor decides to move to a different paragraph. And the keys keep falling off. Yes, you heard me…the fricking keys fall off my HP laptop. Did I tell ya the thing is barely a year old. First the delete key falls off, but my tech people reattach that when I bring the laptop in to save it from the mother of all virus’s. Then I get the stupid thing back and the the backspace key falls off. No, they don’t break…they f*cking fall off. WTF. Technology is great until it’s a muthf*ckin Fail and this laptop is just that. So, in a few days I will be a full Mac Girl again. And supposedly I don’t have to worry about a virus invading my computer.

Guess I better get back to transferring my docs to my Macs and I need to finish the next chapter of my fanfic Game On Baby. People are expecting another chapter by tomorrow. Oh, and my stuff on fanfic has gone over 20,000 hits. WoW!


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