Posted by: drizl | May 7, 2010

Writing the Dirty Girl Stuff

I’ve totally sucked at posting lately, but hell nothing is happening in the world of writing. I am going to set up another blog for my dirty girl stuff. It’s time to separate everything out. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Bleh. I totally don’t give a crap about offending anyone but almost everyone who writes dirty stuff uses a pen name. Speaking of dirty stuff. I put up another chapter of Game On Baby today. Haven’t checked the numbers recently but I know I’m over 1000 hits already and it’s only 3pm in my world.

This weekend I’m planning on getting together a few more queries to send out into the real world. I’m also going to be working on the new story I’m writing and definitely have to hit the fanfic again, since people expect me to post every freaking Friday now. Oh and I really hate my stop watch because it doesn’t lie and I’m not working on my writing enough. It’s supposed to be a job and what kind of a job allows you to work for only 30 minutes a day. Gah, I want to crush that stupid watch. Or maybe I should just get off the internet and do some actual writing.

Yeah, so this blog post is a lot of words about absolutely nothing again.

Oh, and for all my fellow pervs who read this little blog, here’s the link to the next chapter of Game on Baby. Don’t peep if you don’t like nasty language and naughty lemons…your eyeballs might fall out of your head. And I’m outta here.


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