Posted by: drizl | May 21, 2010

Lemons, Music & Writing

I don’t know what the frack to write about today. I’ve sorta been going nuts this past week trying to update my two fanfic stories and working on my new novel. I have so dropped the ball on querying too. I have a couple agents in mind but I haven’t sent anything out. I still have two queries out in never never land, but things are kind of at a stand still. Suppose I should get my add in gear and get some more queries out in the world.

So it’s Friday and yes I updated Game On Baby, but talk about a bummer. The fricking number stats page on fanfiction has not been working for a week. I mean that’s the really fun part of posting a new chapter. I like to watch the numbers go up. I mean I love the reviews but in the real world hardly anyone reviews. I have noticed a few people reviewing today who I never heard from before, so that’s always good. Of course, I like when my regular readers review too. Hell, it’s just nice to now someone is clicking on the story. I guess I just assume if they click on it they will read it.

Some other tidbits of interest, well at least they are to me. In the past two weeks I’ve really found a lot of great new music that I added to my writing playlist. A band called the Black Keys has some awesome bluesy, gritty music. When the Lights Go Out is a really hot song. There lead singer Dan Auerbach has a great tune called Whispered Words (pretty lies). Um, what else did I add…oh, yeah, Tangled up in You by Staind, Storm by Lifehouse, the new Muse song Neutron Star Collision…I really like that song and the vid is awesome!! There’s some hawt scenes with black-eyed angry Edward.Don’t get me started on how great Rob looks in Eclipse. Speaking of Eclipse, I’ve also been listening to music by the 100 Monkeys. That’s Jackson Rathbone’s band. He’s Jasper in Eclipse. My favorite songs from them would be Reaper, Orson Brawl, a Lullaby…oh yeah and it doesn’t hurt that Jackson is really hawt too.

Voodoo by Adam Lambert because I’m getting ready to go see him in concert. Yep, I’m wearing black nail polish right now. Sparkly black nail polish. It adds to my creativity. *rolls eyes* Hey whatever gets you to sit down and write…am I right! Just nod your head and agree with me. What was I talking about…oh yeah, music…A good place to check these songs out is on a website called It’s all sorts of fun and it’s free. You get to be your own DJ and it’s hooked up with Twitter, so the songs you pick to play go through your Twitter feed.

Okay I gotta get back to real writing. I have to finish the next chapter of I Remember You and then I need to head back to my new novel. Laters and keep on writing!

Be careful…this chapter is not just lemony it’s the whole dang lemon tree so if you are faint of heart or easily offended, yeah, don’t click the link.


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