Posted by: drizl | June 1, 2010

Agents should read Miss Manners

I’ve been going through several agent profiles looking to see who I can send out more queries to and I suddenly realized I still have two out there floating around space. I wonder what the hell happened to them and then I realize that some agents do not have the time to respond with a simple no. I’d rather get a form rejection letter than nothing at all. To me not responding is rude and unprofessional. In today’s electronic world how hard is it to send out an email that says hey, I’m sorry but not interested. And don’t give me the “I’m too busy shit” NO one is that important or that busy. Sorry to burst your bubble but you really are not that important. As an unpublished writer I sometimes feel like I’m trying to get an appointment with God. I need to quit thinking like that. I just think that if a person took the time to pick you to send out a query, synopsis, pages or whatever you require I really think the agent should be able to take the time to respond. I mean give me a fucking break. As authors, we have to follow all these guidelines to just get an agent to read our query and then they don’t have enough good manners to reply. If I seem a little pissed, well, I am…

I’m getting a little tired of the agent game so I have been researching ebook publishing. I figure what the hell. I might as well try them too. I’ve never read an ebook, well besides all the fanfiction I read. I didn’t think I would like reading on a computer, but it’s really not all that bad. When I picked up a real book the other day, I felt like I should prop it up against my computer screen or something. I found this site the other day.

Heavy sigh…that is all…


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