Posted by: drizl | June 11, 2010

The GLAMorous Life of Writing

I’m taking the day off from writing cuz it’s Glam Day…Yep, going to see Adam Lambert tonight. My nails are painted black, my hair will be freaked out, my f*ckhawt shoes are getting shined and I’ll be covered in glitter…too bad I ain’t a boy…I’m just saying. So, what should we talk about this fine rainy morning? Maybe we should talk about Slash…naw, I said I wasn’t gonna talk about dirty stuff on this blog…you’ll have to check out my other blog for that…so, here’s that link for all you durty girls and boyz…

So, as for serious writing talk…I suck this week…haven’t added any new words to the new story, haven’t looked at any of the old stories…I did fulfill my obligations to my fanfiction though. There’s another chapter up for Game on Baby. Sadly, that story is winding down but it’s time for me to wrap that one up and get to work on my own characters. Bad Writer Girl!!!

Sorry so short, but I gotta go get my hair freaked for the show tonight


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