Posted by: drizl | June 16, 2010

Where’s the Funny?

It’s Wednesday already. Can I start to panic. I’m supposed to post another chapter for Game on Baby on Friday and so far I’ve got nothing…A big fat zero for word count. Word counts…sometimes I hate to think about that shizz. I always try for a chapter of at least 3000 words for my fanfics…Gawd, 3000 words of funny. Sometimes I think it’s easier to write angst. Anyone have a take on that? What do you like to write sappy, loving shizz or hawt steamy smex? How about angst or funny? Do you like to slam the proverbial bedroom door in the readers face or do you leave it wide open? Do you want your reader to cry or laugh out loud. I guess it really depends on the piece and right now I would prefer the reader to be laughing. I’ve gotten a few reviews where the reader told me they almost pissed their pants. It’s wonderful to hear people say you made them laugh. Actually it’s wonderful to elicit any sort of reaction from your readers. It means they are connecting with your work. Oooh, light bulb just popped on over my head. That must be why I write fanfiction…I get feedback on how the reader feels about the writing and let me tell you hearing good things is great for the ego and I think it’s made my writing better. I guess we shall see because I want to have two books in the bag by October or November when I attend another writer’s conference. I’m not going to stop pushing my jumper tale because I really like that story and I don’t think it deserves to be a trunk novel. *shakes fist at all the agents*

Since I have written over 300 words just for this blog, I think it’s time to go look for the funny. I know it’s here somewhere. I just have to coax it out of hiding.


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