Posted by: drizl | June 22, 2010

Emo Playlist of Inspiration

I’m in the mood to write another music post. So with my Itouch blaring in my ears let us begin to worship the music we use to inspire our writing. Yes, indeed songs inspire my writing. Songs give me ideas and create feelings. So what’s playing in my head right now…well, let’s see at this moment a great sad melancholy song called  Forever and Almost Always by Kate Vogele. (I’m gonna write a whole fanfic around that song)

I also just downloaded the Eclipse soundtrack…the jury is still out on that one…Sometimes I think they just pick songs to be weird. Maybe I’ll understand the choices better after I see the movie. Right now I only like a few of the tracks on the CD. The Muse song Neutron Star Collision is absolutely fantastic. The Black Keys song is great. I discovered the Black Keys from reading fanfic. Their song When Night Comes is freaking awesome.

Hmmm, I must be feeling a little emo tonight cuz I just scrolled to the song Glitter in the Air by Pink…what are some other great emo songs I listen to when I want to bring out some sad emotions….um, just a minute….scrolling though playllist…ahhh…Lifehouse has several good emo songs..Storm is a good one and so is Everything. Oh, Incubus has a good one called Love Hurts. Oh Gah, 3 Doors Down has a really killer song called Here By Me.

I often wonder how many writers use music when they write. I don’t know why I like it playing in my head. It’s comforting, inspiring and at times distracting, but for whatever reason it helps me write. Tonight I’m struggling with a new story that I’m writing in the 3rd person point of view. It’s strange and unnerving. I keep thinking I should start over and rewrite from a first person POV, but I think I’m only looking for an easy way out. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried writing in the 3rd person and it’s taking everything I have to keep on course. I’m trying to be a little more descriptive in the surroundings of the story and I wanted to challenge myself to write from the 3rd person. Jeesh, I went from emo music to Point of View. How the heck did that happen?

Well, no matter what point of view I write in I will always have music playing in my head. I’ve tried to write in the silence, but it’s just too damn quiet.



  1. I loooooove Incubus and Lifehouse. Great choices. Pretty much anything by either of them gets my emotions going one way or another. Anna Molly by Incubus (great song title, right lol) always makes me feel kinda wistful. Same with Earth to Bella (pt 1 and 2). Have fun with your emo self.


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