Posted by: drizl | June 28, 2010

From a Notebook to a Theme Park

I’m going to the midnight showing of Eclipse tomorrow er, I mean Wednesday…um, well I’m leaving my house on Tuesday night…oh, you get it! Oooh, and I’m wearing an Edward shirt. If I have to sit by a Team Jacob squealing teen, I may barf. Um, I’m way off topic. Hey, at least I didn’t insert a picture of Edward in here…yet…okay…I’m gonna put one in…just because I can…

Anyways, I was thinking about what Steph Meyer feels on the eve of the release of Eclipse. Maybe it’s old hat for her now since it’s the third installment of Twilight. I’m sure most writers dream of what it would feel like to have your book sitting on the shelf in a book store for anyone to see and buy. I think about it a lot. Hoping that someday it will happen for me. And then I see a movie like Eclipse and wonder what the hell the author must think about his/her work up on the big screen. What started as a little vision inside your head is now up on the screen for everyone to see. Holy hell it must be an awesome feeling. I think about it a lot because when I write a story it plays in my head like a movie and for me actually seeing my work up on the big screen would be orgasmic. I mean, really, I would freak out. I’d stand up yelling…hey, I thought this up and then wrote it all down, sent it out to all these agents who turned me down until I finally found one who believed in my vision. Yeah, pfft…to all you agents who ignored me or trashed my work…Muwahahaha…I betcha like me now…No I wouldn’t be that vindictive but I sure as hell would be thinking that shit inside my head.

Another story that’s coming to theaters soon is the Harry Potter series. If Steph Meyer feels like it’s old hat to watch her story on the big screen, imagine what JK Rowling is feeling after 7 books and 8 movies. Good grief. I saw the trailer for Deathly Hallows and it looks fantastic. We all know the seventh book is going to be split into two movies with the first one out in November 2010 and the final one out in July 2011. Plus there’s now a Harry Potter theme park. What the hell must JK Rowling be thinking. I would love to ask her this question. Obviously you have a fantastic imagination but as you were writing these tales did you ever imagine they would generate all this…the theme parks, the movies, the merchandise, everything…

Aw, to have a book in print which is then turned into a movie…Big Heavy Sigh! Freaking Dream Big Baby


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