Posted by: drizl | July 8, 2010

Quick, I Need 3000 Words

Bad Bad Girl here! I have been lost in the reading cave this past week. I have barely written anything except this is totally stupid but I started writing a new fanfic piece. Slaps self upside the head cuz I need to finish the two I’m working on and get back to my original characters…Yeah and it’s Thursday…not a big deal you say…well, I’m supposed to post a chapter for Game on Baby on Friday and as of right now… I have a whopping 126 words….shit…Quick I need another 3000 words! Anyone? Help!!!

I do have a few excuses though…real life has a tendency to get in the way of things. I know it’s not working for me either…I just haven’t felt like writing….except on the new fanfic piece. What’s annoying is that I promised myself I wasn’t going to start a new fanfic piece until I finished the two I’m currently writing, but it was driving me nuts. The characters and plot line kept popping up while I was trying to write other things so I finally just fucking gave up and started writing. I’m already 8000 words into the story.

On the REAL writing front, I’m going to be attending the Surrey Writer’s Conference in October. Kinda freaking me out because I want to have at least two polished completed manuscripts in my grubby hand. Had another epiphany and the jumper story is going through another massive rewrite. I’m tired of arguing and fucking around about age, so my main character is morphing into an adult. No more murky waters for me even though I firmly believe there is a place for young adult for nineteen year olds. It’s just to fucking hard to sell. So hello adult urban fantasy world. It shouldn’t take too long to rewrite, but I still have to sit down and do it. I need a vacation from real life and all its distractions.

Oh and if by chance Breaking Dawn is being shot whilst I’m in Vancouver for the conference…Writers’ Conference? Um what? Yeah, I may have to do some stalking…hello Rob and Jackson! BWAHAHAHAHA!

I know this isn’t a helpful or insightful column today. I think I just needed a place to whine this morning. I’m gonna go have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs…things always look better after a bowl of chocolate cereal!


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