Posted by: drizl | July 16, 2010

GlamNation FAILURE

Ooooh, I used shouty caps in the headline must mean I’m yelling…Grumble…Yesterday I was freaking so excited I could hardly stand it and today I’m just fucking pissed off. I know this post isn’t about writing but I’m mad and don’t know where else to get it off my chest…so hello internet. Okay, so here’s the story…Way back in June I went to see Adam Lambert in concert and it was fabulous. So great that we wanted to see him again. Maybe I should tell you how I got the tickets to the first concert…well, I had to join the fan club but didn’t get the password in time for the presale. Not happy about that so I decided I would drive to the casino and stand in line for tickets. I got up at 3 am and stood in line until the tickets went on sale at 9am and I still only got 5th row on the side. Did I mention I was first in line…but whatever tickets were satisfactory…So, anyway, this time I got an email for an upcoming presale and I thought ya know, you only live once and looking won’t hurt right. I took my password and waited for the tickets to go on sale. I used the phone and got in right away…Did you know you don’t talk to a person anymore. The ticketmaster system is totally automated. Annoying but not the worst thing I’ve encountered. So, I’m waiting for my tickets and the computer tells you where your seats are before you have to buy them which is totally cool. The computer says MNFL row A seats 19,20. Huh? I stare at my map…That’s front row almost center. Well, fuck I’ll drive 12 freaking hours to sit in the front row for Adam Lambert. Everyone will think I’ve gone off my rocker, but I don’t give a crap. I ask the computer to repeat. I swear it says the exact same thing. I mean I’m not stupid and I’m not deaf. I say fuck it buy the damn tickets. I’m so freaking excited I can hardly stand it…Wow, front row…I should have known it was too good to be true. Last night I pulled up myticketmaster account to sneak a peek at the golden tickets. I stare at the letters it brings up and freak out. Ya know the feeling…like all the blood is draining out of your whole body and you sink to the ground wondering why you ever thought something this exciting would happen to you…FUHUCK…Freaking massive disappointment…The only good thing was that Ticket Master actually refunded my money.

So, my question is who the fuck gets those front row tickets? And don’t tell me I’m fucking stupid because I used to be a ticket scalper. I worked for a broker so I know the score. I did everything right. I joined the god damn fan club, I stood in line…this time I used the fan club password at exactly 10am and I got row AA. That’s like 27 rows from the front…who the fuck wants to sit way back there. Not me…I even tried going on line when tickets went on sale to the general public. The computer pulled up worse seats than my AA…

It’s do only live once…but apparently you need a giant satchel of cash to stand a chance at good tickets. I could always shell out $375 for second row seats. That’s what one broker is asking…Grrr… I’m going to go pout and drown myself in a bottle of glitter… I really wanted to see ya again, Adam…


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