Posted by: drizl | July 20, 2010

No Boundaries

Been suffering through a few days of indecision and lack of confidence. Days like that just suck the life right out of me. I spent the days reading and wondering what the fuck is going on in my life, quickly deciding that nothing is going on and I need to get off my ass and get back into the publishing game. Groan. I’m completing one of my fanfics but managed to start another one…*bangs head against wall*

OMG I’m watching the Tour de France and Lance just went…WooHoo! I would so love to see him win a stage! Such an inspiration to a lot of people including me.

Er, where was I? Oh yeah…several days of feeling shitty about life. I’m dreading another rewrite of the jumper story…and this is a big rewrite because I’m pulling my character out of the murky depths of the age of nineteen and moving her into her twenties. I didn’t know it would be such a problem to have a nineteen year old category. After I get published maybe I’ll be able to push the young adult market into reality. Actually I don’t really care what category they put my writing into…just so it’s on the shelf. Been listening to a lot of music. Later in the week I’ll do another music blog because there are a lot of new songs out there that have been terribly inspiring lately. Just like the title of this blog…No Boundaries. I’m giving myself permission to have a life with No Boundaries….

I’ve totally lost my focus because Lance is going crazy! Good grief…My goodness they are attacking the crap out of each other. Armstrong has this great Nike commercial running on TV right now…he’s riding up a mountain and you can hear voices whispering…it’s incredible and proof that not all commercials are lame. I even remember who the advertiser is so I guess it does its job.

hmmm… this entry is all over the place

Erm, back to the writing…or lack of writing as it has been this week. I have made the decision to move forward and go to the Vancouver er Surrey writer’s conference in October. Gonna be a lot of work to get stuff together by then, but I need to keep moving ahead. I know my writing has improved with all this fanfic shizz now I just need to apply it to my real life goals in writing. Anyhoo..I really need to watch the end of this stage of the tour…C’mon Lance! Just Do It…amen sistah and brotha


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