Posted by: drizl | July 24, 2010

Writing Playlist

Let’s talk about music today. I went to the movie Sorcerer’s Apprentice last week and totally fell in love with the song Secrets by OneRepublic. OMG, the song makes me want to dance around and it helped my write the final chapter of one of my fanfics. I also accidentally discovered the band that sings the song they play at the Blackhawks games when they score a goal. I downloaded the entire 2007 CD release of Costello Music by the Fratellis. Awesome upbeat, fun CD. What else, ooohh, I downloaded four more songs by Matt Nathanson I Saw, Bare, Bent and Sing Me Sweet…I think I should have just bought the whole CD. Also added a song by Shinedown I Dare You.

I seem to have my earbuds in a lot. Almost all the time when I’m writing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the music is; it’s just white noise. Other times I use the words and the emotions of the music if I have to write a specific emotionally charged scene. Music helps me nail down and tap into those emotions to find the words I need to portray the feelings effectively. Music helps me put order in my stories and in my own life. It helps me get through my daily run which at times can be boring or painful. Music helps me when I feel crappy or just want to wallow in my bad mood. It can lift a bad mood swiftly changing the shitty mood to something better. It can inspire me to sit down and write ten thousand words in one sitting. Yeah, I’ve actually done that before. Music can even help me get through a scene I don’t want to write but is absolutely necessary to the story.

I really can’t imagine a day where I don’t listen to music. Maybe that’s because I write everyday and when I’m writing I’m listening to music.  Rock On…bwahahaha


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