Posted by: drizl | August 9, 2010

Script Writing? WTF

I have officially gone insane…I registered for the Surrey Writer’s Conference and somehow I decided to have my blue pencil meeting with a screenwriter…erm, when did I write a script? Now I have to write one before October 22nd at 4 o’clock. Guess I’ll give up sleeping. It’s not that important anyway, right. I can always sleep when I’m dead. Soooo…anyone have any ideas? Kidding…I’m just gonna use my jumper story and translate it into a script…Easy right…Uh huh…I don’t even know how to format a script correctly. I’m such a f*cking idiot. Should be fun though!

Soooo..besides the script, I’m rewriting…again…the jumper story…reworking it so the main character is in her 20’s so I don’t have to deal with the Young Adult/Adult nineteen year old shit. The area is too gray and I’m tired of fighting it. Maybe when I’m an established successful writer (teehee that’s fun to write and think) I’ll fight the establishment and say look here, a nineteen year old deserves a place in literature too…grumble…I also would like to have Drizzle reworked for the conference and…I can’t believe I’m saying and…I want a good chunk of my new urban fantasy written…Wow, I’m ambitious and crazy as a fricking loon…Let’s not forget I still have a fanfic story online. Game on will be completed next week but I need to keep going with the new one, cuz well, I’m starting to get a lot of readers and it’s just plain fun…I can write whatever I want, how I want and I like to be in charge.

All in all I figure by October I’ll be batshit crazy…should be a fun ride…Snort…


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