Posted by: drizl | August 23, 2010

Unscrambling My Brains

Did you ever have so many ideas bouncing around in your head that you didn’t know where to start? Well, that’s what’s going on in my brain right now and it’s very disconcerting. I have a little more than one month to get things in order before I go to a writer’s conference and my brain is not cooperating…at all. It keeps jumping around to different stories and throwing out new ideas and all sorts of freaky shizz. I couldn’t get all the stuff my brain wants completed if I didn’t sleep for a month…which by the way, may end up happening.

So…how do I get everything to calm down? How do I concentrate on one or two things? I think I need to set daily goals instead of looking ahead. Doing that seems to be driving me insane. I’ve got so much shit bouncing around in my head that nothing makes sense. This blog entry doesn’t even make sense. And why am I writing a blog about writing when I should be working on my writing. See I told you…I’m losing my freaking mind.

Looking at pictures of boyz sometimes helps…so I’ll insert my new favorite picture of Jackson Rathbone. Actually, this may be scrambling my brains even more. I’m gonna go to these writer’s conferences and have shit. Maybe I’ll just hand the agents a picture of Jackson or Robert…they’ll give me an odd look, take out their cell phone and discreetly call for someone to remove me and then um, I’ll be carted away to spend the rest of my existence in a padded cell. See I told you…I’m loopy today.

How do other writer’s unscramble their brains? Seriously, I’ve been trying a lot of different things over the past week. I even tried to take notes about all the stories. Now I have a pile of notebooks with random mutterings in them. I don’t think it helped.

I tried bribery. To myself…I’m not paying anyone to write my stories. I told myself for every thousand words I wrote, I got to read another chapter of some story on fanfiction. Well, that was a disaster because after the first 1000 words, I got caught up in a really well written, awesome fic. I ended up reading all 18 chapters. In theory I should have written 18,000 words right…It’s a good theory but I forgot to go back and write after each chapter. I think I even closed down that story so I could concentrate on what I was reading. We’ll just file that one as an Epic Fail…but the story I read was really good.

So…where does that leave me? I’m just seriously fucked.


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