Posted by: drizl | August 27, 2010


Oh my Gawd…Can I just say that I’m totally sick of rewriting shizz. I am currently reworking my YA novel from first person POV to Third Person POV…I must be totally insane and if I’m not…I will be totes bat shit nuts by the time October roles around. Yep, I am currently committed to TWO…yes two blasted writer’s conferences. Almost every day I ask myself if this is going to lead to anything or if I’ll just be heart broken…Bleh…I know that I’m going to have a sore butt from sitting in front of the computer day after day after day rewriting, revising, reworking, reinventing, re…I must be crazy or else I really, really want to be a professional paid writer. I figured I better add that professional paid shit because everyone always says but you are a writer…yeah, well, I wanna be a paid writer. There is a difference, ya know. I want all sorts of people to read my work, not just friends. And when I fill out my income tax crap every year, I want to write author in the occupation space. Wouldn’t that be coool…shudders…I know I think of lame things sometimes, but it would be cool.

So, the past few days I’ve been totally rewriting my YA novel because the first conference I will be attending is a children’s writers conference. I figured I should have the proper work to showcase. I’ve started working on that blasted script. I still haven’t quite figured out why I signed up with a film guy because seriously, I don’t know how to write a script. I can see the movie in my head, but there are so many blasted rules to follow when writing a screen play. Who knew…obviously not me…I’m such a lover of reading directions…yeah, not so much, but I’m giving it a shot…

Well, I suppose I should get back at it…I need to crank out another 2500 words tonight…groan…oh and if ya hear screaming…don’t worry, it’s just me letting off a little steam…or pulling my hair out…


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