Posted by: drizl | September 10, 2010

Fanfic Love

I need a break from working on my young adult novel, even though the deadline is screaming in my head so loud it makes my ears bleed. Since I’m taking a break from the novel I really should be working on the next chapter of my fanfic story. It’s due on Sunday and I don’t have much written. Aw jeesh, I just checked the word count…only 410 words and I usually write at least 3000…holy shit…But that’s not what I was thinking about when I decided to write a new post. I was just checking my gmail which contains all my fanfic shizz and every time I see readers adding my stories to their favorites or requesting an alert if I update, I get a fuzzy feeling. Sometimes, I click on their profile and see what else they have in their favorite boxes and let me tell you, when I see my little story next to some of the BIG FF’s, it’s a freaking rush! Game on Baby does have over 1000 reviews which that by itself astounds me, but when I’m talking Big FanFics…I’m talking stories with over 10,000 reviews…Game on Baby was also featured on a blog and now, I think, When the Night Comes, is going to be featured on a blog. Fabulous! There are so many fanfics out there and to get any recognition is a big deal…or at least it is to me.

Seriously though, with the writer’s conferences coming up soon I need all the confidence I can gather. I need to remember that people do enjoy my writing. I need to remember that some people will hate my writing, but that’s okay too. That’s why we invented the sentence…Fuck Off! Writing sometimes is torture and hearing no sucks, but writing brings me joy and I need it to survive. I believe that writing fanfic has improved my skills and in the long run will help me…Besides I am aspiring to be like Cassandra Clare. She wrote fanfic and now, she just released A Clockwork Angel which debuted at Number 1 on the New York Children’s Best Seller List. You Go Girl! Okay, I’ve had my fun… I must get back to writing and revising…laters peeps!


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