Posted by: drizl | September 26, 2010

I think we are beginning the official countdown to October. First writing conference starts October 1st. I had to have my first chapter in on September 15th. I’m excited, but I’m not. Last year, this was the first conference I attended and the asshat I talked to about my first ever manuscript was a total dickweed. I’ve told that story before on this blog so we won’t revisit that again. I know my writing isn’t for everyone, but when I go to these conferences, I expect some sort of guidance instead of criticism. Hell, if I wanted criticism, I wouldn’t pay for it…I’m pretty sure I can get it for free.

This first conference is for children’s and young adult writers. I guess that means I have to leave the smut at home. Remember young adults don’t have er, ya know, s.e.x. and they definitely don’t want to read about it…right? See I’m doing the big eye roll right now, because I remember when I was in high school…yeah, we read dirty books and looked at dirty pictures and hmmm, some of us lost our virginity in high school. Shizz, I don’t even think that’s news worthy, but apparently the world of books does. I know I’ve written about this before but there really are no hard and fast guidelines for sexual content in young adult books. I read a lot of books and it’s all over the board.  In some books, all you get is a chaste kiss while others let it all hang out…literally. They usually don’t use the hard core words but we still know exactly what the characters are doing. But…I suppose…just for this conference…I’ll leave the good stuff behind.

Okay now that the writing talk is out of the way, let’s chat about something funny. So, I was looking at some of the stuff people google to find my blog. Not that there is an overabundance of traffic but some of the stuff that people type in is funny. The top search is…get this…Jackson Rathbone…another was Jackson Rathbone girlfriend…hehehehe….I should save that one…I think I talked about Jackson’s new movie which just happens to be called Girlfriend but if you wanna believe I’m Jackson’s girlfriend that’s just peachy keen with me. I guess to get more peeps to this blog I should talk about J-bone more. Shizz, I thought I talked about the boy enough…Maybe I should post some random photos because he’s had some really delicious pics. And because, I guess I was truly inspired by the photos I did something I haven’t done for a few years…I picked up my sketch pad and pencil and actually sat down and get this…I sketched…Here’s what I did… I can’t believe I’m posting it but WTF..right…



  1. I like how ppl come to find your blog…**giggling** that is a good one…I guess everyone needs or wants to be on TeamI’dBangTheBone.

    Yep I think you need to leave the smut for us PattinHoors with duuuuuuurrrrrrtttthhhhyyyy minds and write something mild for the kids….just put plenty of lemons on FF for us big kids.

    Ciao bella….

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