Posted by: drizl | October 2, 2010

Reading…OUT LOUD

Well ya look at that…I’m still ALIVE…Yes! I’m saying that because last night I actually stood up, walked to the front of the room and read the Prologue to one of my novels…yes, OUT F*cking LOUD, and Yes there were actually real people in the room. I couldn’t tell you how many though, because I forgot to look up…Yeah, I know it wasn’t perfect but I freaking did it and that’s what matters. I’m living on the edge. Bwhahahaha…Anyway, yes, it’s October and that means I’m at a writer’s conference. So far so good, but I haven’t had my manuscript critique…it will matter to me what they have to say, but it then again, it won’t. Last year the asshat that I had a critique with was well, an asshat…Not helpful just a prick and look, I’m still here writing. I didn’t put that manuscript in a drawer; instead it’s getting a major rewrite and in November I’m going to start shopping it out again. Actually I’m going to be shopping out two manuscripts in November and working on a 3rd and 4th book…yes, all different types of writing. It’s funny that I’m saying that because the speaker at the conference last night talked about maybe it is better to specialize in one area…I don’t know…I don’t think I buy into that…I like all sorts of stories so why not write all sorts of stuff. I figure, if it’s in my head, why not get it out. I don’t always have to live in a fantasy world…okay so maybe I do like to live in my fantasy worlds because things are much cooler there, but really I do poke my head out from time to time.

Speaking of fantasy worlds…I saw a clip of an old interview Jackson Rathbone did and he mentions reading fanfiction. I swear to god, I fell off my chair. I wonder what he reads? Jasper/Bella fics? Edward/Bella fics? Jasper/Edward fics? Or maybe he doesn’t even read Twilight fics…Jeesh, I know Robert Pattinson has mentioned fanfic but I didn’t know Jackson read it too. That’s so freaking cool.

Okay, I need to wrap this up because I need to head out to my conference. Send me some voodoo mojo for a good review….

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  1. Drizl….I think you write fine bb…just keep the faith and go to the writers conference and learn, but enjoy yourself. I’m glad to hear your writing some more comedy for us…I really think you do well with that genre.

    Anyhow…I fluv your Voodoo Muse there bb…TeamI’dBangTheBone is look totes Hawt these days….wow how Jackson grows on you after awhile. That is interesting that he reads some fanfic too…now I wonder what he is reading as well….

    So enjoy yourself, write some stuff, eat, drink and be merry.

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