Posted by: drizl | October 19, 2010

Loglines, Teasers…What are the Magic Words

It seems that along with my script…snicker…I can’t believe I’m presenting a script at the writer’s conference…snort…um, anyway, it seems I need to come up with a logline or a Teaser to entice someone into reading the blasted thing. All these games we have to play to get people interested. It seems that not only do we as writer’s have to create the story, we have to design the carrot to dangle in front of everyone’s nose that says read me, I’m fucking awesome.

So, here’s what I found in my research on loglines.

1. What does the hero/heroine want?

2. Describe the action needed to overcome the obstacles

3. What is the crisis or complications

4. Give a hint of the final showdown

5. Identify the sizzle (I like that word) in the story…ya know like sex, greed…things like that…

And then squash all that shit into three sentences. Great, huh!

I will be spending the day working on my enticers for the stories I will be presenting at the writer’s conference that starts on Friday in Vancouver. Guess I need to break out that college degree I have that’s hiding somewhere. Let me see, ah yes, it’s in advertising so I should be able to come up with some sort of campaign to sell my work. If I can’t, I’m going to ask the university for my money back…Right….rolls eyes…

So, if anyone has any great words or sure-fire lines that work, shoot ’em my way! Also, I need luck, preferably good luck, for this coming weekend. If ya have any extra and are willing to share…here I am…


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