Posted by: drizl | December 8, 2010

New Music to Inspire the Writer in Me

Filling up my Ipod again so I can really get into the writing thing cuz I’m heading for home in the rewrite…Adam Lambert released an Acoustic EP so of course, I downloaded it…Memories from the concert I attended and a really cool version of Whataya Want From Me assaulted my senses when I listened. And the cover…Hot, Hot Hot

Then as I’m looking in ITunes I see that Hinder released a new CD…yeah, downloaded that sucker too…Just the right amount of smut and edginess to make for some great writing music. I really like

The Life

I sold everything I had for something I can’t seem to find….

Fuck…there’s some good words in that song…

So, I’m moving right along with the rewrite of the jumper story. Christ…I will never do this again…but like I told a friend…when I get famous I’ll have some good stories to tell…I’m going to title the lecture Stupid things I’ve done and let me tell you the list is LOOONNNGGG….muwhahahaha…No seriously…I’m rewriting this story for three different audiences…never, ever again…After this is complete I’m sticking with my original idea…I’ll tweak the story but I’m not changing the age of the characters…I think that’s why I like writing fanfiction…I write the story a chapter at a time and what I write stays once it’s posted. I have learned to adapt to the twists and turns of my characters and the storyline. I have a very vague outline when I start the story…I know what I’m working toward but that’s about it. The rest of the story is wide open and so far, that’s worked out just fine. I’m coming to the end of another novel length story on fanfiction. In the past year I’ve posted three, yes three full length stories…Fucking hell…I wish getting books published was that easy…

Got off track again…supposed to be talking about MUSIC today…just go download the new Hinder CD…it fucking rocks!

Since I’m going to be writing my ass off today…I will add this photo just because I like to be able to put Jackson Rathbone in my tags…snicker

Now if that doesn’t inspire…something is fucking wrong with you. *Grinning like a Loon* I lurve his new hairdo!


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