Posted by: drizl | December 15, 2010

Things I’ve learned from Writing FanFiction

Things I’ve learned writing fanfiction….

Did you know that Blonde is used to refer to a female while blond is for the male. Draco Malfoy is repeatedly referred to as the blond. It now drives me nuts when the authors use blonde when talking about Draco.

Brunette is the feminine form. Brunet is the masculine…who fucking knew?


Okay  people listen up….Reign as a noun

1. the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne.
2. royal rule or authority; sovereignty.
3. dominating power or influence: the reign of law. 

As a verb:
4. to possess or exercise sovereign power or authority.
I shortened the definition, but you get the idea…You do not Reign in your emotions…you rein them in…got it…Good.
I’m not even going to get into the use of their, there and they’re.  That’s stuff from elementary school and really if you call yourself a writer…we shouldn’t have to discuss that…look it up people and figure it out.
Another totally awful thing that I’ve noticed in some stories is the misspelling of a character’s name. For gods sake, you’re writing fanfic, borrowing someone’s else’s character, the least you could do is get their name correct. Ginny Weasley is not Virginia Weasley it’s Ginerva. If you are not sure how to spell a character’s name…look it up, please!
I also found out that fanfiction has a language all its own. Took me awhile to figure out what a lot of the abbreviations meant…Here’s some of the more common ones.
AU ~ Alternate Universe
AH ~ All Human (as in no vamps when using the Twilight Gang)
EWE ~ Okay this one took me forever to figure out ~ Epilogue What Epilogue (used when disregarding the sickly sweet epilogue JK Rowling wrote)
Slash ~ erm, boy boy
Yaoi ~ Slash written by female authors
Canon ~ well that would be Bella/Edward instead of Non-canon like Bella/Jasper or Harry/Ginny instead of Harry/Draco
Lemons ~ Sex
Harry Potter is by far the book with the most stories posted currently at 490,005. Twilight is second with 179,153, Lord of the Rings is third 44,190, Maximum Ride is fourth with 12,027 and rounding out the top five Percy Jackson and the Olympians with 10, 653.
People also write stories that crossover…ya know like Edward goes to Hogwarts and hangs out with Draco Malfoy…shit like that…I’ve never read one of those..
Oh, and here’s something…Game On Baby is going to be translated into Russian…I asked the person to send me a link when it’s complete. I also asked her the translation for the word fuck…snicker…I couldn’t resist…
And earlier in the week, I took a personality quiz to find out which house I would be sorted into…fuck, I’m a Gryffindor with Slytherin coming a close second…I refuse to give up my Slytherin sweatshirt!
Slytherin Forever
Although there is something to be said for Gryffindor


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