Posted by: drizl | January 10, 2011

Tick Tock Tick…time keeps moving…

So….January 10, 2011 is staring at me from the lower left of my computer. I have become super-sensitive to the passing of time lately. Probably because I have several deadlines looming in the near future…BUT there’s good news…I put on my big girl panties the other day and finally visited a doctor for the acute, chronic pain in my fucking hip. I was hoping the dude would tell me I had to quit running, but alas, he said I could continue working out. I suppose that’s a good thing. Anyway…I never knew how bad that fucking pain was affecting me until it was better…so with a renewed enthusiasm, I have been hitting the writing hard and it’s paying off…the full rewrite is moving along and I’m liking what I’m writing. WooHoo!

Is anyone else super-sensitive to the passage of time? I wonder if that’s why I chose to write a story about jumping through time. It would be nice to control time or just slow it down a little. Sometimes it moves too fucking fast for me.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was reading the Harry Potter series or attending the first movie…I swear just yesterday, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton were little fucking kids…yeah not so much anymore…



Yes, time does pass but I’m hoping that this year, I’m gonna kick some ass…Here’s hoping that some of your dreams come true this magical year!


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