Posted by: drizl | January 11, 2011

Needed: Good Screen Plays…

Oh. My. God.  Could someone please write a decent screen play. Holyfuckingshit, I just got back from the movie Season of the Witch and let me tell you…it sucked. I didn’t care about any of the characters. In fact, I was hoping everyone would die at the end. Most of the movies I’ve been to lately have just not been good. Is this why Hollywood is rehashing old scripts? Seriously, can’t anyone write good movies anymore?

Let’s get the list out of pfft movies I’ve seen lately…Due Date Um yeah, Planes, Trains & Automobiles was so much better. I love ya Robert Downey Jr, but sorry, I hated that movie. Planes… was recently on HBO and that part where Steven Martin is up at the car rental counter is just plain awesome and them driving the burned out car and driving the wrong way on the freeway…the only thing about Due Date I can remember is that stupid dog and those fugly pants that Zach guy wore. Blah…

Other movies, How Do You Know Uh, I don’t want to know. Love and other Drugs was okay but I was expecting a comedy…it would have been better viewed at home…The Tourist I flove Johnny Depp but this movie was all about the scenery and dressing Angelina Jolie up in pretty dresses…meh…I must have missed the good parts since it was nominated for a Golden Globe..Salt…pffft…the stunts were too unbelievable…decent story but no one would live through jumping from vehicle to vehicle on a stacked freeway…lame… Life as We Know It … uh, I actually liked this movie. I wasn’t fidgeting in my seat the whole time…Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Unstoppable…I went into the show pretty unsure about the whole thing. I mean it’s a story about a runaway train…how much movie can you make out of that…but I liked it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1…Of course I loved that movie but I’m a big Harry Potter fan. The only problem I had with it…not enough Draco Malfoy…Boo…

So, I’m sure there’s more forgettable movies I’ve been to see, but I can’t remember them…Not good…BUT if we as writers look at the big picture, we all need to get to work on our screen plays. I’m serious, Hollywood needs a big infusion of talented writers with good scripts to show up or I’m going to stop going to movies…

If ya need me, I’ll be working on my script…Snort…


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