Posted by: drizl | January 18, 2011

Catching Your Dreams

Gasp…that’s me coming up for air. I have been hiding in my writing cave for days and I needed to take a breath before I go back down again. I just completed another novel length story on fanfiction. I pushed the complete button on my When the Night Comes (coughcoughSLASHcough) Story on Sunday. I’m actually very pleased with the outcome of the story. I enjoyed writing it and the reviews have been fantastic. It feels strange to not to have a work in progress on fan fiction right now. I’ve had stuff up continuously for a year. But, now is the time for me to really focus on my original stories. I’m moving along on the rewrite of the Young Adult jumper story and I’m actually happy with my progress and the story revisions. Although it is still incredibly difficult for me not to have smutty sex scenes, but I figured when the story is published I can always go into fanfiction and add the naughty. Gah, that would be a dream to have my original characters used on fanfiction.

Although I’m taking a little break from writing fanfiction, I’m not stepping out of the fandom entirely. I believe I’ll be writing a Saturday bit on a blog where I’ll review Slash fics. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I think it will be fun. I had to fill out a little bio for the blog site and I realized it has been almost two years since I read the Twilight Series in three days. It was a strange time for me. It was when I started seriously chasing the writing dream and I’m hoping that this year will find some of those dreams realized. It’s odd that all this came about from reading a story and then, by some weird miracle, the movie came back to the theatre and when that cafeteria door opened and Edward Cullen walked in….I slid off my chair and haven’t been the same since, which is a good thing! For some reason, I woke up and decided to chase my dreams and like I said earlier, I hope to catch them this year.



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