Posted by: drizl | February 6, 2011

Enough with the Weird…I wanna write Writer on my 1040

Right, so I’m watching the Superbowl and the commercials, thinking about that one time that I was actually at a Superbowl…yeah a real Superbowl, sitting on the fifty yard line just a few rows down from Jerry Jones’s suite. He stood almost the entire game or at least he was standing every time I looked back. And the best thing about going to the game was that the tickets were free…yeah, it was one of the perks of being a ticket broker…okay a scalper, but I had an office… And now, I’m trying to edit and rewrite a story for an editor at a big publishing company, wishing on every star and every time I see 11:11 on the clock that my dreams of becoming a published (successful) author/screenwriter will come true. I love those interviews where famous people get asked ‘what’s your weirdest job?’ I think all my jobs have been weird, except the fast food stint. A lot of people have that gross job on their resume, but how many people could put down ticket scalper, t-shirt designer or ice skating coach…If I thought hard enough, I’m sure I could come up with a few more weird paid positions I held in the past. Now all I dream about is being able to write WRITER in the space on your 1040s…that would be so cool.

The upcoming week is going to be a hectic, frantic one spent working diligently on the novel. I only have about 100 pages left to rewrite and edit. The work is going out by the end of this month. Actually, the sooner the better…Superbowl is over so am going to go work on the book some more…

Here’s some inspiration for the week…a wonderful talented girl makes these wallpapers and this one embodies…snicker…


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