Posted by: drizl | March 25, 2011

Self Publishing Success

And the wait continues….tick, tock, Tick, Tock, TICK FUCKING TOCK….good grief, waiting for responses from agents is awful…

So, a friend of mine sent me a story about a self-published author who hit the jackpot with her stories. It’s an amazing read. She published on Amazon and ISBN and sold more than a million books. Last week, there was a bidding war for the rights to publish her next books. St. Martin’s press paid two million dollars for the privilege…

Of course, after reading that my mind is going a million miles a minute…if she can do it why not me…I have a degree in Advertising…maybe it’s time to put the thing to work…and then the other half of my brain whines a little…you know, just once, it would be nice to do things the traditional way…ya know, find an agent…they do the leg work to sell the book…big publishing house prints book…book sells…BUT then my brain shouts at me…WHEN HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TRADITIONAL…Good point…I’m going to do more research. I still have several querys out in the world and the full is still in the hands of an editor, but re-reading all the rejections from the past it seems like it’s never going to happen. I know any personal response is good from an agent, but there still isn’t a yes in there. They must see something…right…panicking right now…snicker…not really, but this success story really is nice to hear. Maybe it’s time for the traditional publishing business to relax a little bit…they can’t know everything…people (and yes, some of them aren’t even my friends) that have read my story liked it a lot. One even went as far as saying …. someday we can say we knew her when…That was one of the highest compliments anyone has ever paid me and my writing and I’ll never forget it…

So, now my mind is filled with marketing strategies and cover art and Hope…Hope that someday, I’ll hold a published book in my hand with my name on it, that people want to read and fuck…maybe I can quit wishing on 11:11 and dandelion puff and eyelashes and looking for four leaf clovers….naw, that’ll never happen…I’m too superstitious…

If anyone is interested, here’s the link to Amanda Hocking’s Blog…



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  2. Drizl..Loved your post on this. Yes I think you should not only try the traditional approach, but the UN-traditional as well. What could it hurt? At then you’ll know your doing all you can.

    I personally love your work. Especially the humor with lemons…like GOB. One day I totally expect your stories to be validated by a publishing house and I will say I knew this lovable, crazy hoor before she was famous. No matter what though…you’ll always know who your real friends and supporters are, and we’ll love you just for you. Everyone starts somewheres, and by you putting your work out on FF and following your dreams your already a winner in my eyes!

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