Posted by: drizl | April 23, 2011

From a Notebook to the Big Screen

Just returned from a screening of Water For Elephants…Stunning..Robert Pattinson was awesome…But the real reason I’m writing is because I am totally overwhelmed with the idea of what it feels like to see your work up on the big screen. Does any other writer ever feel like this or am I just absolutely stark raving mad…Maybe I’ve just had too much caffeine today, but I want to experience that with my own words. I want to hold a book in my hand and then see it transformed into pictures on a big screen. Just turn my brain inside out and dump all the contents out, there’s got to be some stories in there that are worthy of it. And ya want to know what was really eerie…when I was walking out of the theater, I glanced up at the big screen and my first name was up there, staring back at me…It’s not that common of a name so it took my breath away…I do believe in signs…I can only hope this was one of them, telling me that I’m on the right track….

When the world says give up, hope whispers …try it one more time…



  1. I think that’s quite a few writers’ ultimate dream, present commenter’s included.
    Keep it as your goal and work towards it. It very well could be that motivation you need to make it happen.

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