Posted by: drizl | May 18, 2011

Action Action and More Action…

The headache from hell is back again. It always shows up when I have decisions to make about my writing. It has come to my attention that people want action in the first line to the last line of the book. The back story of the character has to be carefully woven in to the plot through out the book. No one wants to know anything about the characters right away. They just want action. Fuckin’ hell…so now that big question is…do I rewrite again…or move on with the a different story…for fucks sake why can’t anything be easy? Rolls eyes. I’m sure everyone asks that question at least once a week.

I wasn’t going to mention this here, but who really cares…On a good note, my two of my fanfiction stories have been nominated in the Slash Awards. When the Night Comes was nominated for Best Angst and Best Break-up/Make-up and 180 Days was nominated for Best Comedy. I’m going to cling to anything positive. So, if any of you are Fanfic Twilight Slash readers, head on over to The Slash Awards and vote.  Um…oh yeah, you are supposed to be eighteen or older to read my fanfic shizz…


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