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Enough with the Weird…I wanna write Writer on my 1040

Right, so I’m watching the Superbowl and the commercials, thinking about that one time that I was actually at a Superbowl…yeah a real Superbowl, sitting on the fifty yard line just a few rows down from Jerry Jones’s suite. He stood almost the entire game or at least he was standing every time I looked back. And the best thing about going to the game was that the tickets were free…yeah, it was one of the perks of being a ticket broker…okay a scalper, but I had an office… And now, I’m trying to edit and rewrite a story for an editor at a big publishing company, wishing on every star and every time I see 11:11 on the clock that my dreams of becoming a published (successful) author/screenwriter will come true. I love those interviews where famous people get asked ‘what’s your weirdest job?’ I think all my jobs have been weird, except the fast food stint. A lot of people have that gross job on their resume, but how many people could put down ticket scalper, t-shirt designer or ice skating coach…If I thought hard enough, I’m sure I could come up with a few more weird paid positions I held in the past. Now all I dream about is being able to write WRITER in the space on your 1040s…that would be so cool.

The upcoming week is going to be a hectic, frantic one spent working diligently on the novel. I only have about 100 pages left to rewrite and edit. The work is going out by the end of this month. Actually, the sooner the better…Superbowl is over so am going to go work on the book some more…

Here’s some inspiration for the week…a wonderful talented girl makes these wallpapers and this one embodies…snicker…

Posted by: drizl | January 30, 2011

Do You Believe in Signs…

The word count is slowly rising and I see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for my young adult time jumper story. Thank fucking god, even if the light is still the size of a flashlight, it’s there. I banned myself from writing anything else until it’s finished and let me tell you, I’m actually going quite mad. I miss writing my smut on fanfiction and getting reviews every week, but I know in order to complete the stuff that I may eventually get paid for, I have to put the fun aside and work, work, work. Plus I really want to work on my other stories. Even though I totally love this one, I’m ready to move forward and work on other stuff. Someone just publish this one…er, please. I suppose begging doesn’t really help and I suppose I really need to have the work in the hands of an editor, agent or whoever before I can sit around waiting for a call.

Do you believe in weird things like signs? And by signs, I mean, odd things that happen and you just know it was meant for you to see or experience to let you know that you are on the right path. It happened to me today when I was doing laundry and running up and down the stairs. The TV was on upstairs and tuned to the Pawn Shop or something like that. I didn’t turn it on and I wasn’t watching it, but when I came upstairs carrying a load of clean clothes, something they were talking about caught my ears. It was eerie and all I could do was stare at the TV. They were basically laying out the premise of the above mentioned YA story. I took it as a sign, a sign to finish the story and get it out, because it’s a fucking great story. When, yes when, it’s published I will recount this tale and insert all the details, but for now, I’m heading back to my story and I’m going to finish it…this week….Eek!  Get writing girl!


Posted by: drizl | January 18, 2011

Catching Your Dreams

Gasp…that’s me coming up for air. I have been hiding in my writing cave for days and I needed to take a breath before I go back down again. I just completed another novel length story on fanfiction. I pushed the complete button on my When the Night Comes (coughcoughSLASHcough) Story on Sunday. I’m actually very pleased with the outcome of the story. I enjoyed writing it and the reviews have been fantastic. It feels strange to not to have a work in progress on fan fiction right now. I’ve had stuff up continuously for a year. But, now is the time for me to really focus on my original stories. I’m moving along on the rewrite of the Young Adult jumper story and I’m actually happy with my progress and the story revisions. Although it is still incredibly difficult for me not to have smutty sex scenes, but I figured when the story is published I can always go into fanfiction and add the naughty. Gah, that would be a dream to have my original characters used on fanfiction.

Although I’m taking a little break from writing fanfiction, I’m not stepping out of the fandom entirely. I believe I’ll be writing a Saturday bit on a blog where I’ll review Slash fics. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I think it will be fun. I had to fill out a little bio for the blog site and I realized it has been almost two years since I read the Twilight Series in three days. It was a strange time for me. It was when I started seriously chasing the writing dream and I’m hoping that this year will find some of those dreams realized. It’s odd that all this came about from reading a story and then, by some weird miracle, the movie came back to the theatre and when that cafeteria door opened and Edward Cullen walked in….I slid off my chair and haven’t been the same since, which is a good thing! For some reason, I woke up and decided to chase my dreams and like I said earlier, I hope to catch them this year.


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Needed: Good Screen Plays…

Oh. My. God.  Could someone please write a decent screen play. Holyfuckingshit, I just got back from the movie Season of the Witch and let me tell you…it sucked. I didn’t care about any of the characters. In fact, I was hoping everyone would die at the end. Most of the movies I’ve been to lately have just not been good. Is this why Hollywood is rehashing old scripts? Seriously, can’t anyone write good movies anymore?

Let’s get the list out of pfft movies I’ve seen lately…Due Date Um yeah, Planes, Trains & Automobiles was so much better. I love ya Robert Downey Jr, but sorry, I hated that movie. Planes… was recently on HBO and that part where Steven Martin is up at the car rental counter is just plain awesome and them driving the burned out car and driving the wrong way on the freeway…the only thing about Due Date I can remember is that stupid dog and those fugly pants that Zach guy wore. Blah…

Other movies, How Do You Know Uh, I don’t want to know. Love and other Drugs was okay but I was expecting a comedy…it would have been better viewed at home…The Tourist I flove Johnny Depp but this movie was all about the scenery and dressing Angelina Jolie up in pretty dresses…meh…I must have missed the good parts since it was nominated for a Golden Globe..Salt…pffft…the stunts were too unbelievable…decent story but no one would live through jumping from vehicle to vehicle on a stacked freeway…lame… Life as We Know It … uh, I actually liked this movie. I wasn’t fidgeting in my seat the whole time…Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Unstoppable…I went into the show pretty unsure about the whole thing. I mean it’s a story about a runaway train…how much movie can you make out of that…but I liked it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1…Of course I loved that movie but I’m a big Harry Potter fan. The only problem I had with it…not enough Draco Malfoy…Boo…

So, I’m sure there’s more forgettable movies I’ve been to see, but I can’t remember them…Not good…BUT if we as writers look at the big picture, we all need to get to work on our screen plays. I’m serious, Hollywood needs a big infusion of talented writers with good scripts to show up or I’m going to stop going to movies…

If ya need me, I’ll be working on my script…Snort…

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Tick Tock Tick…time keeps moving…

So….January 10, 2011 is staring at me from the lower left of my computer. I have become super-sensitive to the passing of time lately. Probably because I have several deadlines looming in the near future…BUT there’s good news…I put on my big girl panties the other day and finally visited a doctor for the acute, chronic pain in my fucking hip. I was hoping the dude would tell me I had to quit running, but alas, he said I could continue working out. I suppose that’s a good thing. Anyway…I never knew how bad that fucking pain was affecting me until it was better…so with a renewed enthusiasm, I have been hitting the writing hard and it’s paying off…the full rewrite is moving along and I’m liking what I’m writing. WooHoo!

Is anyone else super-sensitive to the passage of time? I wonder if that’s why I chose to write a story about jumping through time. It would be nice to control time or just slow it down a little. Sometimes it moves too fucking fast for me.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was reading the Harry Potter series or attending the first movie…I swear just yesterday, Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton were little fucking kids…yeah not so much anymore…



Yes, time does pass but I’m hoping that this year, I’m gonna kick some ass…Here’s hoping that some of your dreams come true this magical year!

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Don’t Leave it on your List…

One year….holy shit…it’s been one year since I posted my first Fanfic and since then I’ve written two one shots and THREE yes, three novel length stories. Wow…however, I’m still not published in the REAL world of publishing. Fack! But the good news is that I’m getting really close to completing the rewrite for the full I’ll be sending out sometime in January…I’ve already got the bubbly on ice for that occasion and I don’t care if it’s 7am or 7 pm…whenever I hit that send button is when the champagne will be uncorked.

I suppose now is the time we are supposed to be setting goals for the new upcoming year. The standards include losing weight, eating better, exercising, blah, blah, blah…But for me, as I’m packing away all the ornaments and other Christmas decorations, I’m going to put away all my insecurities and doubts. 2011 is going to be a year filled with firsts and lots of bravery when it to checking off items on my lists. It’s going to be a lot of work but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I’m not really a goal setting person. I’m more of a list making person. Maybe they are one in the same but I’m going with making a list instead of setting goals. (lists are easier to crumple up and throw away or erase and change) Like I said in my last fanfiction story though…don’t leave anything your list; you never know when your time is up. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

So what will my crazy to-do list include this year? These first few are for January alone…Get the YA rewrite complete with summary and synopsis ready and sent out, get the first three chapters of the Drizl YA story polished and sent out, get the Adult version of the jumper story polished and sent out….here’s a big one…back up everything to disk and stick. I haven’t done that in a long time and if….ooooh, don’t say, I just need to do a back-up. Maybe that will be first on my list. I have silly lists as well….don’t ya ever wanna write stuff like my goal this year is to meet Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe, Adam Lambert, Ian Somerhalder…uh, you get the jist of the list right…I’ll probably just keep that little list in my head. People already think I’m totally nuts as it is…snort…

More lists…well, I have another story sitting on the back burner and I would like to get at that…and the screen play…I need to download that script writing program so I can write the thing in the correct format. I have to keep writing fanfic just because…well, it’s addictive and fun. I suppose one list is to read more actual books. I should set aside time to read normal stories instead of all the smut I currently read.

So, if you’re looking for me…I’ll be the one buried in post-it notes…

I think it’s going to be a fucking great year!

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Things I’ve learned from Writing FanFiction

Things I’ve learned writing fanfiction….

Did you know that Blonde is used to refer to a female while blond is for the male. Draco Malfoy is repeatedly referred to as the blond. It now drives me nuts when the authors use blonde when talking about Draco.

Brunette is the feminine form. Brunet is the masculine…who fucking knew?


Okay  people listen up….Reign as a noun

1. the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne.
2. royal rule or authority; sovereignty.
3. dominating power or influence: the reign of law. 

As a verb:
4. to possess or exercise sovereign power or authority.
I shortened the definition, but you get the idea…You do not Reign in your emotions…you rein them in…got it…Good.
I’m not even going to get into the use of their, there and they’re.  That’s stuff from elementary school and really if you call yourself a writer…we shouldn’t have to discuss that…look it up people and figure it out.
Another totally awful thing that I’ve noticed in some stories is the misspelling of a character’s name. For gods sake, you’re writing fanfic, borrowing someone’s else’s character, the least you could do is get their name correct. Ginny Weasley is not Virginia Weasley it’s Ginerva. If you are not sure how to spell a character’s name…look it up, please!
I also found out that fanfiction has a language all its own. Took me awhile to figure out what a lot of the abbreviations meant…Here’s some of the more common ones.
AU ~ Alternate Universe
AH ~ All Human (as in no vamps when using the Twilight Gang)
EWE ~ Okay this one took me forever to figure out ~ Epilogue What Epilogue (used when disregarding the sickly sweet epilogue JK Rowling wrote)
Slash ~ erm, boy boy
Yaoi ~ Slash written by female authors
Canon ~ well that would be Bella/Edward instead of Non-canon like Bella/Jasper or Harry/Ginny instead of Harry/Draco
Lemons ~ Sex
Harry Potter is by far the book with the most stories posted currently at 490,005. Twilight is second with 179,153, Lord of the Rings is third 44,190, Maximum Ride is fourth with 12,027 and rounding out the top five Percy Jackson and the Olympians with 10, 653.
People also write stories that crossover…ya know like Edward goes to Hogwarts and hangs out with Draco Malfoy…shit like that…I’ve never read one of those..
Oh, and here’s something…Game On Baby is going to be translated into Russian…I asked the person to send me a link when it’s complete. I also asked her the translation for the word fuck…snicker…I couldn’t resist…
And earlier in the week, I took a personality quiz to find out which house I would be sorted into…fuck, I’m a Gryffindor with Slytherin coming a close second…I refuse to give up my Slytherin sweatshirt!
Slytherin Forever
Although there is something to be said for Gryffindor

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New Music to Inspire the Writer in Me

Filling up my Ipod again so I can really get into the writing thing cuz I’m heading for home in the rewrite…Adam Lambert released an Acoustic EP so of course, I downloaded it…Memories from the concert I attended and a really cool version of Whataya Want From Me assaulted my senses when I listened. And the cover…Hot, Hot Hot

Then as I’m looking in ITunes I see that Hinder released a new CD…yeah, downloaded that sucker too…Just the right amount of smut and edginess to make for some great writing music. I really like

The Life

I sold everything I had for something I can’t seem to find….

Fuck…there’s some good words in that song…

So, I’m moving right along with the rewrite of the jumper story. Christ…I will never do this again…but like I told a friend…when I get famous I’ll have some good stories to tell…I’m going to title the lecture Stupid things I’ve done and let me tell you the list is LOOONNNGGG….muwhahahaha…No seriously…I’m rewriting this story for three different audiences…never, ever again…After this is complete I’m sticking with my original idea…I’ll tweak the story but I’m not changing the age of the characters…I think that’s why I like writing fanfiction…I write the story a chapter at a time and what I write stays once it’s posted. I have learned to adapt to the twists and turns of my characters and the storyline. I have a very vague outline when I start the story…I know what I’m working toward but that’s about it. The rest of the story is wide open and so far, that’s worked out just fine. I’m coming to the end of another novel length story on fanfiction. In the past year I’ve posted three, yes three full length stories…Fucking hell…I wish getting books published was that easy…

Got off track again…supposed to be talking about MUSIC today…just go download the new Hinder CD…it fucking rocks!

Since I’m going to be writing my ass off today…I will add this photo just because I like to be able to put Jackson Rathbone in my tags…snicker

Now if that doesn’t inspire…something is fucking wrong with you. *Grinning like a Loon* I lurve his new hairdo!

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For SaLe: One Soul…slightly battered

I’m getting ready to send stuff out again to agents and editors. The self doubt is creeping in because I’ve rewritten this one story so many times I don’t even know what’s going on anymore and then it came to me…why is it so easy for me to pump out one chapter a week in my fanfiction? Why does that story call to me, pleading with me to write it? Why do I love it so much? Because it’s me…I’m not sacrificing the story or changing the story because one person didn’t like it. I write the way I write because it’s a part of me. I can’t change that, nor do I want to change it. You might as well not even put your name on your stuff if you’re not proud of how you write.

I’m going to reread the first three chapters of yet another rewrite and figure out if that is how I want the story to be or if I’m going back to the way it was…You have to believe in what you are doing or it isn’t going to work. Maybe I’ve been trying to squish myself into some pre-designed box. I already know how that worked out…not so good baby. It’s time to create my own niche, to write the way I want and to tell MY stories the way I believe they should be told. I’m tired of listening to other people. I will always accept constructive criticism and help from people, but if I don’t believe the changes would help…I’m not changing it anymore.

If things don’t work out, well, at least I’ll know I stuck to what I believed…I’m not selling my soul for success….although somedays…it’s really hard to not cave and put my soul on the clearance rack….

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More Music to Write By


If this picture isn’t enough to inspire you. What the hell is wrong with you? Snicker….Read on…It’s time for another Writing Playlist…Gah, I’ve found some good songs again! Okay, the first one is by Sick Puppies. Weird freaking name for a band but whatever…the song Maybe rocks. Maybe it’s time to change….Great lyrics, because right now I’m freaked out about change because I want it so bad, but at the same time it’s very frightening to give up security and put yourself out in the open again. Writing for yourself and a few other people is nice, but giving it to strangers is unnerving. Moving on to the next song. Come Home by One Republic & Sara Bareilles This song is going to be the inspiration for the next few chapters of my fanfic When the Night Comes. It’s a great song…sad, so much longing, absolutely perfect for what I’m writing in that story. There’s two songs on my new list from Linkin Park’s new CD. The Messenger and Waiting for the End I love Linkin Park but they outdid themselves on these two songs. I seem to be a little excited about my new playlist. I thought I would be more excited about Josh Groban’s new CD but so far…meh…all the songs sound the same. The guy has an absolutely gorgeous voice, now let’s get some songs to match.

I amped it up with the next few songs, because you can’t have all heart wrenching songs on your list! I found this song when it was used in a video inspired by a fanfic I was reading. Abuse Me by Violet Winter So far the only place you can get this song is off the band’s website and the best thing…it was a free download. Here’s another odd song on my playlist. I call it my happy song. I’m sure most of you have heard of Harry Potter right? Well, did you also know that Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) sings…neither did I until some of my Twitter girls introduced me to his music. If You Could Be Anywhere by Tom Felton makes me want to get up and dance around the room and always makes me smile. You can get that song off a website called Six String Productions.

I really turned up the volume with this song Na Na Na….by Chemical Romance good tune for running. Same with I Really Want You by The Plain White T’s And here’s the last one. I’m not really sure where this one fits. Love the Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rhianna…Seriously, I’m not a Rhianna fan but that song is awesome. I also really like Eminem’s I’m Not Afraid

I think I’ve given you a wide selection of tunes to check out… Oh and I can’t wait to listen to Kid Rock’s new CD. Music helps me create my stories…Does it help You? Oh and can’t forget the other inspirations…Picture of Robert Pattinson on the set of Breaking Dawn came out this week…He’s in his Boxer Briefs…My, my, my….AND my boy Jackson was featured in a magazine called Zooey. If I want a copy I’m going to have to get in the car and drive an hour…

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