Posted by: drizl | October 13, 2009

Hmmm…good writer or good storyteller

I just read a blog about JK Rowling.  This person does not think she’s a good writer.  What does that mean?  Didn’t they like her sentence structure or maybe it was the way she used descriptive words?  Maybe she used too many commas in her manuscript.  I can’t figure people out.  They bang on how Twilight is shitty writing, they cry about the writing in Harry Potter.  The way I look at it anyone can get out a book on grammar and construct every sentence exactly the way the rules demand, but does that make the writing good?  Doesn’t there have to be a story in the writing?  

If you listen to everyday conversation everyone slaughters the rules of the English language and truthfully, if everyone spoke or told stories exactly the same way wouldn’t things get a little boring?

I would rather be a good storyteller than a grammatically correct punctually perfect writer.  I wonder if punctually is a word?  Guess it is in my world. 

BAHAHAHAHA….evil laughter fills the air.


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