Posted by: drizl | November 13, 2009

Check your Words at the Door

Back space…delete…start over…Are we back to this again? Groan. I really did have an entire post written but it felt like something I had already written so I deleted it. 285 words gone.  I should have saved them and used them in my NaNo story.

Speaking of words, the University of North Dakota is freaking out over inappropriate language used when cheering at hockey games. For crying out loud, now they are going to censor speech. You could get thrown out of the game if you offend someone. Pretty soon no one will be able to say boo because it might freak someone else out. They already search your bags when you come into the arena. Wouldn’t want anyone to sneak a pop into the arena or a snack from home. They want you to spill out the contents of your wallet for a $3.50 can of Coke. Well, I don’t like Coke. I’m a Diet Pepsi gurl. Offensive! Or let’s add an extra $1.50 for fucking sprinkles on your ice cream. Now that’s obscene! OMG I wrote, f*cking without the asterick is that offensive?

However, I did notice at the Gopher Sioux hockey game a couple weeks ago someone managed to sneak in several ded gophers which ended up on the ice after a Sioux goal. Argh, look out PETA is coming.

We already have a logo that a few people find offensive. Man I might need someone to come help me pick something out to wear. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Hey, you, I hate your flipflops! Maybe you should get thrown out of the game. Isn’t that sweater you’re wearing from last season. OH! MY! GAWD! How could you? 

Did I offend anyone…I do hope so!



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